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27/06/2024. It has been reported that editing saved RSVPs is no longer working.
Apologies. I am looking into this and hope to have it sorted shortly.

Please report any issues to

  • NEW: You can now send an RSVP to those who have chosen a specific option.

  • NEW: You can now embed HTML in the body of the RSVP. See

  • If any of your users do not have an email address feel free to set their address to where it will be ignored.
  • You can send an RSVP without it including any questions for simple one way communications.
  • You can search for keyword in RSVPs in the list of previous RSVPs.
  • If you would like to customise the email address that the RSVP is sent from please let us know. For example our club uses
  • Please note that some providers like BTInternet appear to be treating some RSVP's as spam.
    If this is happening to you or your members please add rsvp to your/their safe senders list. See
  • 👉Hint: To use Bold text, Italic text or even icons 😀 in RSVP please look at
  • Planned Updates:
    • The user does not have to have an email address
    • Anonymous Responses
    • Allow users to reply more than once in order to include guests at meals etc
  • If you would like any changes or improvements to RSVP please email
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'This is so much easier than boards and surely other clubs will adopt it' - Tony Browne, Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles
'It was so easy! Absolutely Brilliant!' - Andrew Moore, Old Mill Accountancy LLP
'I find it a really straight forward and intuitive system to use and it has cut down considerably on club admin and confusion with numbers and meal choices. ' - Lorraine Wong Rotary Club of Dorchester CasterBridge
'Everybody has agreed it will be a much slicker way of communicating where a response is required when we all get used to it.' - George Horsfield, Rotary Club of Weston super Mare
'It's so easy to use, even I can use it without any training!' - John Holt, President Elect of Brue Valley Rotary Club

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